Post-Mother’s Day Woes

Holidays like Mother’s Day can be challenging for many families. Whether divorced, remarried, living with or without your children under one roof, or separated… these holidays tend to remind us what life once used to be like. Many moms in Orange County didn’t get to spend Mother’s Day with their children for a variety of different reasons, and you might feel a little off now. Remember that it doesn’t take a special day to spend quality time with your kids.

Make up your own Mother’s Day celebration. Or help your kids plans. There are so many places in Orange County you haven’t tried yet and it can be fun to explore new horizons with your children. From Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, etc., to the Irvine Adventure Park and Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, there are many fun things to do to celebrate a late Mother’s Day. Or simply go shopping at South Coast in Costa Mesa or to a fun restaurant at the District in Tustin.

Co-parenting, blended families and kids missing from the house can create a Mother’s Day that isn’t memorable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own memories to make up for those.

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