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OCFamilyLaw is a unique alternative for Orange County, California residents who are contemplating divorce, in the process of divorce, or recovering from a divorce.

We have created a directory of Orange County divorce-help experts to help you through the process. This directory includes family counselors, family law attorneys, family mediators,financial planners, support groups and more.

The O.C. Divorce Maze

We can help you navigate the complicated maze of divorce in Orange County, California. On this site you will find articles and an O.C. divorce experts directory to assist you and your family.

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Divorce Help

Initial Steps to Recovery

How you handle the first few months of a divorce may determine how quickly you recover. Some people bounce back, begin dating and don't feel extreme depression after only a few months. Some people … [Read More...]

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a good option for separating spouses if saving money is a top priority to both parties.  Collaborative divorce means that there is no court or judge involved in your case.  … [Read More...]

Women: Take Control of Your Finances

Divorcing women need to make sure they have the correct information about separating assets when proceeding with their divorce.  There are certainly false impressions of separating finances.  Many of … [Read More...]

Summer Divorce in Orange County

There is no good time for a divorce.  It is a complicated and sensitive situation that challenges you as a person.  There are two very different aspects of a divorce- the legal and the emotional.  … [Read More...]

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